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Title: The Description Challenge
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30 Days of Description begins in seven days.

For every participant, I will add $10 to the pot up to a maximum of $300. If ten people participate, that's a pot of $100. If twenty people participate, that's a pot of $200.

The winners (all those who post 30 responses on time and on target) will divide up the money evenly. If less than three members complete the challenge, the prize money will be divided up according to the level of participation of the top finishers. The winners will be paid in Amazon (or similar) gift cards via email.

Please allow me one week to tally up the winners after the challenge is over and send out the prizes.

The rules are subject to change should problems or disagreements arise with unreasonable people.

Do we need rules? I guess so. So the rules so far(TBC if needed):
No cheating (plagiarism, etc)
Treat everyone on TPS with respect

Any questions?

For all it brightens and uplifts, love casts a long shadow.

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